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Group training created and facilitated by Hélène Nicole Richard



First week:

Who am I vs what I do, from looking good to being good

  • Facilitator's intro
  • Participants' intro
  • Overview of the course and why it is needed; As our world suddenly changed, to bloom again we also need to change. We will not chande who we are but we need to change our offers.
  • Who am I: an in depth workshop to create a clear identity statement. At the end of this session, participants will be able to differentiate in between what they did and who they are. They will go home to work on their new identity statement. If it is true that we will never go back to 'doing' things like we did, we will always be able to 'keep being' who we are, our success story, and put that in motion to another activity. 


Second week:

My experience, strength and hope

  • Each participant will present their new identity statement from last week.
  • Peer validation; what did we hear? Is the statement hitting target?
  • My past offers: my old vision, values, what I created.
  • My successes, my failures, my experience.
  • What is the situation at the moment?
  • What has changed in me since the world changed? Revisiting our values and our dreams.
  • My vision for the futur; Participants go home to revisit their goals and create a vision statement. 


Third week:

A world in transition - Needs of the market

  • Vision statement; Each participant share their new vision statement, what they dream to create.
  • Peer validation: what did we hear? Is the statement hitting target? 
  • What does the new world need right now from me: Brainstorming and discussion as a group to enlarge each other's idea of the market. 
  • To create an income, we need to offer something that the market needs, at a price that will generate us a profit we can live on and thrive.
  • What can I now offer that the market needs asap?
  • Each participant goes back to the drawing table to start creating a service or product offer.


Fourth week:

Irrestible offers

  • Each participant present their new idea for a service or a product
  • Peer validation: what do we think you will offer or create? Is there a need out there?
  • How to create irresistible offers
  • As a group, brainstorm on how each participant could offer their product or service in a way that is really attractive, even more, irresistible to the market.
  • Participants go back home to create their irresistible offer(s).


Fifth week:

3 'V's of victory


  • Participants present their irresistible offer; Feedback from peers.
  • Visibility - Vulnerability leads to Victory; Introduction of this 3 'V' strategy
  • My offer facing critics: How to develop a thick skin without loosing our sensitivity to the market, and develop the strength required to last in business.
  • Daring to lead
  • Stepping to, learning new networking strategies in a changing world.
  • Each participant will go home to elaborate a virtual networking vision that is suited for the actual situation.


Six week:

Our Success Agents


  • Participants present their networking vision; Feedback from peers.
  • Identifying our ideal clients - We are one piece of a puzzle, what are the closest pieces linked to us?
  • Identifying natural success agents, those who will sell you to your ideal clients.
  • How to powerfully manifest: Identify beliefs and habits that are blocking us.
  • Each participant will go home to elaborate a simple action plan, that takes into account blocks identified and the situation on the market that is in motion.


Bonus week:


  • Networking activity via Zoom; Each participant will invite 2-3 guests. 
  • Each participant will have 30 seconds to present their unique offer.
  • A guest speaker will present a conference on Business in Motion..

Hello friends,


Thank you for reading this far. You obviously are interested.


Like you, I at this moment I am reinventing my offers. Like you, my A plan fell down the drain (I was going on a speaking and workshop tour), so I must come up with Plan B.


But lucky for us, this is not my first time!

I am quite experienced in redesigning my life. I did it over and over to follow my dreams.


I have always been able to recreate income funnels to allow me to live my dreams. I am a lifestyle entrepreneur.


 This is what I am offering you throught this course. To recreate your offer.


You can learn more about me by visiting my site at


 If you have any questions about this training session, contact me at:


Or make a phone appointment with me


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hélène Nicole 

Business in motion



Pricing & conditions


This course is offered at different price, and includes 18 hours of instructions.

  • The value of this course online as webinar is $1200. Starts in October 2020
  • One on one with Hélène Nicole is priced at $2500
  • The training will be done through Zoom, so all you need is an internet connection;
  • Your voice and input will be recorded for futur online course material to be developped, you must agree to that;
  • The recorded training will be offered at a lower price as webinars to help more people reinvent a way to earn a living that supports who they are.  

One-on-one or group courses are available at all time in both French or English.


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